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A fulfilling dessert wine with an intriguing story to match! Jewels and berry goodness.

Red Dessert Wine - The Crown Jewels - 375ml

SKU: 0009
  • A most unique co-fermentation of Zinfandel and mixed black grape varieties. This natural, no-sulfate added dessert wine is refreshing and bright with flavors and aromas of berry cobbler, accented with a light zest of citrus. The mouth feel is dense, yet lithe as the wine concisely finishes in a flourish of summertime, berry goodness.

    • NERD NOTE: With impending army cost, Henry V was forced to sell or pawn many of his belongings. The one item he refused to part with was a 170 Carat egg-sized and shaped ruby. The ruby, now known as the "Black Prince's Ruby" was mounted in the crown on his battle helm. The king fought alongside his men at Agincourt where both the helm and the crown were damaged during the battle by a mace or axe bow, but both the ruby and the king were undamaged. Today, this very ruby is set in the State Crown of England worn by the Queen. 
    • Varieties- Petit Sirah and Mixed Blacks (55%) and Zinfandel (45%)
    • Alcohol- 16.5%
    • RS-8%