The Bodkin Story

Bodkin Wines was founded by Chris Christensen, an Iowa native, in 2011. His passion for aromatic wines and winemaking led him to create America’s first Sauvignon Blanc with bubbles. In 2013, Andrew Chambers, an Oregon native, joined the brand and they purchased 24 tons and made 1,100 cases of their award-winning Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc.


Since that time, Bodkin Wines has produced over 15 varietals of wine, eleven of which were scored at 90 points or higher by Wine Enthusiast. They are consistently growing, year after year, but are determined to keep their presence small and unique. Bodkin Wines is still 100% owned by both Chris and Andrew, two guys living and working hard in Sonoma County.


“I want to make wine that can be enjoyed in the here and now; Wine for the connoisseurs and for the novices. Bodkin Wines should be enjoyed at family events, momentous occasions, picnics and barbecues — not hoarded in someone’s basement.”

- Chris Christensen, Wine Maker & Co-Head Honcho

"We are just two guys, working hard to make affordable and delicious wine. We love what we do and we want to share it with as many people as possible." 

- Andrew Chambers, Co-Head Honcho



The story of Bodkin Wines starts on a muddy field outside the town of Agincourt in the north of France on the 25th of October, 1415. Small in numbers, starved for days and ravaged by sickness, an English army of 5,000 peasant archers and 1,000 knights, led by their 28-year-old King found itself trapped. Standing between English and the safety of their land was an army of nearly 30,000 of the wealthiest and best-armed men in all of France ready for battle--giddy to collect the ransom of a king. But no ransom was to be collected. For on that day, the feast day of Saints Crispin and Crispinian, Henry V and his army of peasant bowmen with their armor-piercing bodkin-pointed arrows gave history a story that inspired Shakespeare to pen a legend for the ages- the play Henry V.


The play's most famous quote ''We few, we happy few'' has been Bodkin Wines' motto since the company started in 2011. It's amazing what the small and mighty can accomplish.